Young abraham lincoln coloring pages

Terakh deceives Nimrod and furnishes the baby of his servant girl to take Abraham’s place. Amaslei flees, and for the next several years she rears Avraham in hiding. Early on, Avraham displays high intelligence and he quickly arrives at the conclusion of a
singular god. Emboldened by his discovery of God in a pervasively polytheistic land, he returns to Ur Kaƛdim where he assumes a janitorial position at his father’s idol shop. One day, Utz visits the shop to buy an idol. Abraham innocently asks Utz to explain how an inanimate idol of stone can provide for and he urges Utz to disavow idolatry. Then, after destroying all the idols in the shop, Avraham places the mallet into the hand of a stone likeliness of Nimrod, the largest idol in the shop and attempts to mollify his father Terakh, insisting that the idol of Nimrod was the perpetrator of the iconoclasm. Enraged by the carnage of his idols, Terakh permits Nimrod’s men to frogmarch his son to Nimrod to be condemned for his blasphemous and treasonable actions.