Gogos crazy bones printable coloring pages

A small company at the time of inception, Crazy Bones became a popular fad in the late 90s. The product was aggressively marketed to children, and promotional events took place in scout meetings, club groups, fairs, and shows, where free sample packs were distributed.
Toy demos have also taken place in SkyDome, where children were given free packs and taught how to play Crazy Bones. This promotion was organized by the Canadian marketers of Crazy Bones, a joint venture by Wayne Fromm and Eric Segal of All 4 Fun Consumer Products Ltd. All 4 Fun Toy Products Ltd. also created a series of Crazy Bones for the Toronto Blue Jays, a cereal promotion with Cap’n Crunch and another with Wrigley. In 1999 and 2000 Fromm and Segal created one of Canada’s largest collectible fad in the toy industry. [citation needed]. Fromm conceived of a musical band based on Crazy Bones in 2000, called B2Krazy. This was a joint venture between Fromm, Segal and Iron Music.
Nearly four million free packs have been distributed. [citation needed]
Crazy Bones secured a number of high-profile partners, including McDonald’s, which included the product as Happy Meal toys nationwide.
These Crazy Bones were significantly larger than the normal toys, possibly to reduce risk of choking among young children.